Shoujo-Ai Kakumei

          Shoujo-Ai Kakumei was developed as a response to the high levels of corruption and overall degredation of the site, in particular it's forums. At one point, was a haven amongst the travials of the Net and other perdations inflicted upon those who follow the lesbian (and in some cases bi-sexual) lifestyle, in particular those who followed the "yuri" or anime lesbian (offical or otherwise) characters and fanfiction. However, as time progressed, it became obivious the ( was rapidly becoming little more than a "horny little boys' wank-off site", where hentai and eechi material and activities far outstripped any form of on topic discussion.

          As well, the forums became overran with spam and other forms of BS as an almost direct result of the inactions of the moderators of the forum. It was their lack of action in dealing with "spammers" and "flamers" that led to many "senior" (often the same thing as those who displayed a fifth grade or higher level of education as far as spelling and grammar as well as a higher level of maturity) members of the forum and site abandoning it in protest.

          As a result, the Shoujo-Ai Kakumei (SAIK) movement was born. What you are seeing now is the results of this movement.

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