Shoujo-Ai Kakumei: Pairings, Yuri-style!

Obivious Pairings

(WARNING: Evidence of Pairing sections may contain SPOILERS! Proceed at your own risk of spoilage!)

Battle Athletess: Victory!

Pairings: Akari Kanzaki/Ichino "I-chan" Yamaguchi/Kris Kristopher (3 way with Akari in center)

Ages: Mid to late teens

Evidence of Pairing:

          Akari and Ichan are best friends, training together to try to reach the University Satellite and helping each other over various roadbumps, even sleeping together. When Ichan was forced to drop out due to an injury Akari is devastated, only to rally when Ichan appears to cheer her on, Ichan's brother arriving to tease her about not giving up on boys!

          On her way to the Satellite Akari bumps into a young woman, creating a lasting impression. Kris had fallen in love with Akari on first sight, professing her love when the shuttle they were on is hijacked! Together they struggle to reach the finals while the bond between them grows, Kris ultimately giving up her ambition to be a priest to stay with Akari.

          When circumstances force Ichan, Akari and Kris to train together, sparks fly as both girls fight over Akari like jealous lovers. The training pays off in the end and as the series comes to a close we find Akari, Ichan and Kris all living together in Akari's family home...

Pairing Listing Author: shanejayell



Pairings: Nancy Mukahari/Yomiko Readman

Ages: Early to Mid Twenties

Evidence of Pairing:

          Yomiko Readman aka the Paper is drawn into an unlikely adventure with fellow agent Nancy Mukahari, the mysterious Ms Deep. Together they battle against the Ijin together as their relationship deepens from frienship into love.

          Even when Nancy apparently betrays Yomiko to the Ijin she pleads with their leader to save her. Instead, Nancy is betrayed by her allies, fighting back from aparent death to save Yomiko's life. Together they defeat the remaining Ijin, then once again Nancy sacrifices herself to make sure Yomiko would be all right.

Pairing Listing Author: shanejayell

Galaxy Fraulien Yuna

Pairings: Yuna/Misaki, Yuna/Polylina

Ages: Late Teens, Early Twenties

Evidence of Pairings:

          High school student and Champion of the Light Yuna is a bit surprised at the fascination Misaki has to her. When Yuna's friend Yuri suggests that Misaki might have a crush on her, Yuna goes right into fantasy mode, imagining Misaki stripping naked while professing her love. When Misaki arrests her as a Galactic police officer Yuna believes they're playing bondage games...

          The other great love Yuna has is for the heroine Polylina. From adoring her TV program to collecting her trading cards Yuna is her biggest fan. She also makes it very clear her interest is not just plationic from various statements to her idol.

Polylina to Yuna: Are you ready to take off?
Yuna: I'd take everything off for you!

Pairing Listing Author: shanejayell


Pairings: Haruka Tenou/Michiru Kaiou

Ages: Late Teens

Evidence of Spoilers:

          Haruka and Michiru always appeared side by side, a deep intimacy existing between them. Living together they fought beside the other Senshi against the Heart Snatchers, leaving together when that battle ended. When they reappear in Stars Haruka has taken on an even more boyish air, and they are even more clear about their relationship.

Pairing Listing Author: shanejayell

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